The Dynamics of Globalization and the Uncertain Future of Iran: An Examination of Iranians in Dubai – by Jonathan Thomas

To understand the complex challenges facing the Gulf region properly, it is important to examine not just the dynamics of aggression but also the dynamics of integration and globalization. Due to multiple causes and systemic pressures, Dubai — an economically developed and integrated actor in the global economy — has become home for a substantial Iranian expatriate community. This paper will examine the causes that have propelled Iranians from their homeland, the success of Iranians in Dubai and, finally, will explore those factors that have made Dubai an attractive choice for educated Iranians. The dynamics of integration demonstrate that the role of economic development and the forces of interdependency can be important moderating factors for a region seeking development and stability.

Jonathan Thomas, Fletcher MALD 2006, is a former state legislator from Maine. He is also the author of a forthcoming book chapter on constitutionalism in the United States, as well as academic articles on non‐proliferation law and Iran’s national security policies. He is former joint Editor‐in‐Chief of al‐Nakhlah and currently works as Project Manager for the Fletcher Abu Dhabi Joint Venture.


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