Women and the Law in Islamic Societies: Legal Responses to Domestic Violence in Saudi Arabia and Morocco – By Cybèle Cochran


This article examines the legal treatment of domestic violence in Saudi Arabia and Morocco in order to hypothesize about the roots of differential approaches to gender issues under the law in Muslim societies. It will examine how each country’s response to domestic violence is shaped by the fundamental national values expressed in its constitution, as well as its approach to shari‛a implementation. It argues that these fundamental values and approaches to shari‛a implementation ultimately determine the country’s openness to change.

Cybèle Cochran, Fletcher MALD 2009, spent six years as a management consultant for government agencies before she joined the U.S. Peace Corps. As a Small Business development advisor, she helped rural women artisans in Morocco expand their business during her two years of service. At Fletcher, Cybèle focuses on Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization. 



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