Interview with Dr. Shafiq Al-Ghabra, Former President of the American University of Kuwait – by Sami Shammas

Dr. Shafiq Al-Ghabra is the former president of the American University of Kuwait. This interview discusses his view’s on Arab Nationalism throughout the 20th Century. Sami Shammas, Fletcher MALD 2010, is a second- year student concentrating in Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization and International Negotiation & Conflict Resolution. Prior to Fletcher, Sami studied international relations at […]

Foreign Labor in the Arab Gulf: Challenges to Nationalization – by Dhalia Shaham

Should GCC members limit residency visas for non skilled foreign workers to six years? 

Is Time Ripe for Transitional Justice in Afghanistan – David Wisner

Since 2001, transitional justice in Afghanistan has endured a precarious progression, with those supporting it forced to fight for each step forward. Despite the efforts of transitional justice proponents, the amnesty bill signed by President Karzai in early 2007 dramatically reversed much of the progress that had been achieved. While the Afghan Independent Human Rights […]