Nonviolent Action Strategy: Lessons from Bahrain’s Demonstration Movement – By Loghman Fattahi

Analyzing the relationship between maximum participation and pillars of support for the regime, this paper argues that the nonviolent action movement’s failure to unite Bahrain’s Sunni and Shiite sects inhibited its ability to fully maximize individual and collective participation in demonstrations against the rule of the al-Khalifa dynasty. This failure to unite the two main […]

Islamic Project Finance: Shari’a Compliant Financing of Large Scale Infrastructure Projects – By Rishad Sadikot

This paper discusses how shari’a compliant financing can be utilized as a complement to conventional project financing to fund large-scale infrastructure development.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula through the Framework of International Humanitarian Law – by Simon Henderson

While Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has garnered significant media attention,its role in the Middle East raises legal issues that are not currently being explored. With AQAP having presences in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, questions arise as to which legal frameworks can be utilized: international humanitarian law, human rights law, or criminal law. This paper will discuss some of […]

A Regional Arms Race? Testing the Nuclear Domino Theory in the Middle East – by Rizwan Ladha

Will an Iranian nuclear capability indeed ignite a regional arms escalation, with other Middle Eastern states racing to build their own arsenals?