The World Bank in the MENA Region, a Conversation with Inger Andersen – by Jack Berger

During the EPIIC Conference on the Future of the Middle East and North Africa at Tufts University, co-editor Jack Berger sat down with Inger Andersen, the Vice President of the Middle East and North Africa Region for the World Bank to discuss issues of unemployment, governance, and sustainability in the region.

Foreign Labor in the Arab Gulf: Challenges to Nationalization – by Dhalia Shaham

Should GCC members limit residency visas for non skilled foreign workers to six years? 

Does the Price of Watermelons Matter? Economic Performance and Political Legitimacy in the Islamic Republic of Iran – by A. Nicholas Gossen

Despite Ayatollah Khomeini’s famous comment that the Iranian revolution was “not about the price of watermelons,” the Islamic Republic of Iran was in part founded on economic promises of redistribution, equality, and justice. The strength of this rhetoric has formed a core basis of political support for the regime, but it has also established public […]