Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammad Mohammad Sadiq Al-Sadr: Mobilizing the Iraqi Shia Base – By Mike Airosus

In the existing literature on the Sadrist Movement in Iraq, there has been little analysis of one of its key actors, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammad Mohammed Sadiq al-Sadr. Although he never directly controlled the Mahdi Army, Sadiq al-Sadr, founded the Sadrist Movement, directly challenged the Saddam Hussein regime, providing the legitimacy and inspiration for the […]

Interview with Dr. Shafiq Al-Ghabra, Former President of the American University of Kuwait – by Sami Shammas

Dr. Shafiq Al-Ghabra is the former president of the American University of Kuwait. This interview discusses his view’s on Arab Nationalism throughout the 20th Century. Sami Shammas, Fletcher MALD 2010, is a second- year student concentrating in Southwest Asia and Islamic Civilization and International Negotiation & Conflict Resolution. Prior to Fletcher, Sami studied international relations at […]

Aceh’s Struggle for Independence: Considering the Role of Islam in a Separatist – Robert Shaw

Tension and conflict marred the relationship between the Indonesian government in Jakarta and Indonesia’s northernmost province of Aceh for most of the last half century. At the core of the center ‐ periphery rift between Jakarta and Aceh was the Acehnese desire for political autonomy, although that desire has enjoyed varying degrees of support in […]