Israeli Crisis Management During the 2006 Lebanon Conflict – by Benjamin Rosenbaum

Benjamin Rosenbaum argues that, short of a war, the 2006 conflict in southern Lebanon is best understood through the image of a crisis: an event which breaks out suddenly, presents threats to the status quo, and demands quick decisions under stress. He analyzes the management of the crisis from the perspective of the Israeli government, […]

Noah Bonsey, International Crisis Group, on the Syrian civil war – by Mike Airosus

Noah Bonsey, Senior Analyst with the International Crisis group based in Beirut, discusses the recent developments in the Syrian civil war, including the impact of the chemical weapons deal, the implications of increased violence in Lebanon, and the upcoming Geneva II talks scheduled for January 22nd in Switzerland.

Beirut Reconstruction: A Missed Opportunity for Conflict Resolution – by Lourdes Martinez-Garrido

In  1975,  Beirut  became  the  setting  of  a  protracted  civil  conflict  that  would  dramatically  change  the  city’s  social  milieu  by  the  time  it  ended,  over  fifteen  years  later.  What  started  as  a  disagreement  between  the  Christian  and  the  Muslim  communities  over  the  power  of  the  Palestine  Liberation  Organization  (PLO)  in  Lebanon,  ended  up  involving  regional […]