Noah Bonsey, International Crisis Group, on the Syrian civil war – by Mike Airosus

Noah Bonsey, Senior Analyst with the International Crisis group based in Beirut, discusses the recent developments in the Syrian civil war, including the impact of the chemical weapons deal, the implications of increased violence in Lebanon, and the upcoming Geneva II talks scheduled for January 22nd in Switzerland.

Rami Khouri on the Birth of the Arab Citizen – by Alex Taylor and Jack Berger

While focus on the Arab uprisings centers on the democratic setbacks that have followed the bursts of change in Egypt, Tunisia, and Syria – among other countries – the current discussion largely misses the most important shift in the region: the emergence of a new conception of citizenship in the Arab world.

Like Father, Like Son – Personalized Succession: Bashar Assad and the New Challenges to the Ba’thist State – by David Ethan Corbin

Historically, Syria has had a unique position in the Arab world. Today is no different. Though overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim, Syria is run by a nominally Shi’a Islam, Alawi minority. Its population is a virtual ethnic and religious mosaic, comprised of Arabs, Alawis, Druze, Kurds and Armenians each belonging to various Muslim and Christian denominations and […]