The Taliban’s Criminal Enterprise – By Shawn Snow

The media tends to paint a portrait of the Taliban as a monolithic, ideologically motivated entity with the goal of overthrowing the Kabul-led government. The conflict in Afghanistan, however, is morphing into a resource conflict and the Taliban is becoming involved in criminal enterprise, especially the opium trade. Poppies are the main staple crop in […]

Daniel Markey on the Evolving U.S.–Pakistan Relationship – by Sukanya Banerjee and Michael Mori

Daniel Markey, Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, discusses U.S.-Pakistan relations, Pakistan’s domestic situation, the U.S. drone program, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and reconciliation with the Taliban.

Development and the Battle for Swat – By Rabia Zafar

This paper examines the story of Swat, a Taliban militants foothold just 70 miles outside of the Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad,through the prism of human development, taking a narrow view of the ongoing unrest among Taliban militants, the central government, and the disaffected people of the area.